14 January 2009

Christmas - New Years - Today

So. I've been out of the blog'n scene as of late. Between work and getting sucked into Facebook, I've lacked the necessary time to devote to updating the blog. However, today is a day worth noting as it marks the 2 year anniversary of when I was recalled into active duty. It's hard to believe that it was two years ago. And only a year ago, I was getting ready to head back to the sandbox after a short two week R&R in Texas.

Along with the shortage of time to write, I've also lacked the time to reflect, not that I need to do much of that. It's just that experience is a good teacher and I feel as if I'm doing some sort of disservice if I don't share what I've learned with others. But there has got to be a better way to tell your story without making it feel like a freak'n online diary. I hope to find some inspiration in the coming days. This blog will die a slow and uneventful death less I find something worthy of posting. If all else fails, there's always posting pictures of the various victims of my photography forays.

1 comment:

dre said...

Well it's been a minute since I checked your blog...glad to know you are not reporting from Iraq in this New Year...Maybe you can post something about the former Air Force Fighter pilot who currently is a Commercial Pilot for US Airways, the guy who crash landed the Airbus into the Hudson River...see we as former military personnel will always have something to talk about! LOL