02 June 2008


Today was the first day back to work at my job...my civilian job that is. Lots of new faces from the 140 folks they've hired since I've been gone, not to mention the absence of a lot of good colleges due to retirement or just moving onto something different. It's amazing how much changes in a year and a half. Speaking of changes, I don't have my old job back like I thought I would. I'm doing "special projects", which is a politically correct way of telling someone that they are the "bitch-boy" until they figure out what job to throw you in. This would normally infuriate me, but I think I left a lot of angst back in Iraq. Instead, I was happy that they had employment for me, that I was getting paid for said employment and that my new job as "doer of things no one wants to do" did not involve body armor or mortars.

God bless America!